5 Ways to Survive Divorce, Emotionally and Financially

Keep your shit together when it comes to your kids. The bottom over 40 dating line is that time is still on your side when you get divorced in your 30s. There’s no denying that divorce at this age can be complicated and at times, overwhelming. The key is to remain calm, take things as they come, learn the art of compromise and understand you’re going to win some battles at this age, and sometimes, you’re going to lose, too. In some cases, one spouse may have agreed to be a stay-at-home spouse or support their husband or wife in the pursuit of an advanced degree. That can also put financial pressures on a young married couple and throw a wrench into how to survive following a divorce.

You may handle things well because you’re still young enough that you have the energy to juggle a mountain of tasks and responsibilities. But if you’re not careful, you develop bad habits or run out of gas when it comes to nurturing your relationship with your spouse. Divorce can have a lasting impact on your emotional and mental well-being, but a mental health professional can always offer compassionate guidance and support. Without a doubt, time alone can feel terrifying, especially if you’ve never lived alone. But it’s absolutely possible to find contentment, even happiness, on your own. Right now, you might find it difficult to consider things from their perspective.

  • As they get acquainted, you might find a companion for yourself at the same time.
  • If your marriage broke down because of communication issues, getting a divorce at 40 might help you develop going forward.
  • Find support where you can, understand that you are entering a new chapter in your life, and be ready to make decisions that will propel your life forward in a positive way.
  • Talk to an accountant or tax advisor before you make or agree to any decisions to have a clear view of how this will affect your overall tax responsibility.

There is also a period you may go through that you begin to unearth all your own patterns and how you relate to others. This causes a lot of inner turmoil because you may have to redefine relationships with close family members and/or lifelong friends. You may lose lifelong friendships as you realize it was one-sided or an otherwise unhealthy connection and you never noticed until you started questioning everything in your life. Heartbreak can lead you down a road that is not familiar, especially a heartbreak that crushed your soul. It is a time of darkness that feels overwhelming as you begin to realize your hopes and dreams vanished with the end of your relationship or marriage. Not only did your relationship with your ex end, but you may have lost friends and even family in the process. Starting over after a divorce will be challenging but ensuring that you are supported by the ones you love will make it easier to overcome your grief and help you accept yourself.

Is actually Better To your Kids

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Will Mother and father Get Divorced Quiz?

But it can help to keep in mind that people change over time. Forging new bonds can help ease feelings of loneliness and create lasting opportunities for social connection. No matter how busy and overwhelming your new day-to-day routine becomes, dedicate some time each day to checking in with your children and relaxing as a family. Seeking professional legal and mental health support is an essential step in the process. If you chose to leave a toxic, unhealthy, or abusive marriage, you might feel overwhelming relief at knowing you made the right decision. But you could also harbor some sadness alongside this welcome sense of calm. If your ex-spouse initiated the divorce because they fell out of love or found someone new, you might feel plenty of anger, resentment, and grief.

Wait Before Introducing Your Partner to Your Kids

Now more than ever, they need to know that they are loved and that they don’t need to choose one parent over the other. We all have access to unconditional spiritual support from angels and guides who are here to assist us on our journey. You can turn to them whenever you are going through a difficult situation or experiencing intense emotions that you are having difficulty processing. In contrast to spending time with others following a divorce, finding some time for yourself can also be valuable. Although you can try to wind down and relax, it is also important to try to be productive with your time to yourself; do your best not to get wrapped up in your thoughts regarding your ex-spouse. Jill is keen to say to women that the “Hollywood” version of divorce as a shameful, frightening, horrible event is unhelpful. Instead, divorce can be like pruning in winter, hard but necessary, leading to new growth for both of you, and a positive step in your life. Fortunately, my son liked spending time with Rick, too.

Friends can keep you company when you need it and they can boost your mood. Married people often forget how it is to be truly alone — not lonely, just alone. So, your next task on this journey is to learn to spend time alone. Meditation is incredibly beneficial for your mental health, so you should make sure that you incorporate it into your daily routine. Take a few minutes in the morning while your coffee brews to just sit in silence and breathe deeply. At 25, a divorce often comes along with a salt-the-earth mentality. However, when you get divorced in your 40s, you’re more than mature enough to keep things civil.